• Meet Hayden

Meet Hayden

  • Baby Saves
  • 06.12.17

“I had my second high risk pregnancy this past year…and due to lupus was considered high risk. My last two pregnancies, I had also had preeclampsia and bed rest…However, the pregnancy went very smoothly in the first two trimesters. Once I was 28 weeks, my ob/gyn told me to start doing kick counts, and she wanted them done twice daily.  Because of my history, I did them regularly, even though I did not always want to.  At 36 weeks, I had a growth ultrasound and a non stress test, that all came back normal.  However, I was worried because my baby had not gained a lot of weight from the previous growth ultrasound.  I was told that what he gained was still in the normal range and that he was fine and to continue my kick counts.  The next evening when I did my kick counts, I noted that they were still in the “normal” range, but they took longer than normal to get.  The next morning, I once again settled in to do my kick counts…I got two in one hour.  I then got some juice, and redid them….one in the hour.  I took a shower thinking that would stimulate my little one, it did not.  I then headed to the labor delivery triage at the Hospital(it was a Saturday).  I told them I had not gotten my kick counts and then waited…and waited…when I was finally called, I was brought in to have a non stress test.  After 30 minutes to an hour, it was determined that he was not reacting, but he did have a heartbeat.  I was taken for a biophysical profile.  He scored 2 total on this. (I think they need at least 8 out of 10 to pass).  Two doctors then came in a told me that I needed to be induced immediately.  I asked them if he would be okay, and they could not tell me.  I was induced, and monitored carefully. I delivered our little boy at 7:21 AM on March 9th.  He had the cord wrapped around his neck and a true knot in the cord…I honestly believe that kick counting saved his life…we would not have this happy little guy without it.” – Miranda, Hayden’s mom

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