• Meet Magdalena

Meet Magdalena

  • Baby Saves
  • 08.24.20

“In July 2018, after many years of trying to conceive and giving up, my husband and I were surprised and excited to find out that we would be welcoming a baby after so many years of trying.  My husband was 47, and I was 42 years old when we found out. It was a surprise that we never expected, but a very happy and welcome one.  I was considered high-risk due to my age, and I had gestational diabetes, so my doctor was closely monitoring my pregnancy.

I found out about Count the Kicks through a co-worker, and then my doctor discussed it.  At first, I thought, ‘I’ve done so well, what could go wrong,’ but I decided that I should follow through and made sure I counted Magdalena’s kicks. On week 36 I wasn’t as diligent about counting her kicks because everything seemed to be going so well, but the following week I told myself I needed to be diligent in counting her movements daily. I thank God that I got back on track and had a second chance, because week 37 of my pregnancy I had an appointment on Tuesday, and little Magdalena was doing fine. The following night I sat down around 8 p.m. to do my last count of the day, which was the time she was most active, but this time it was different, her kicks took a bit longer than usual, and they were a bit softer than usual, but I still got the total kicks within the time-frame suggested.  The following day I went to work, and I was busy, but I noticed I hadn’t felt her all day. So, I sat down at my desk, opened my Count the Kicks app up, drank ice water, had a snack, wiggled my belly a little, and still didn’t feel any movement.  I was concerned, but being it was my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure what to think.

I had an appointment scheduled that day and I came into my doctor’s office and told the nurse about the night before, and about not feeling her during the day.  They did an NST, and Magdalena was not responding with movement or an accelerated heart rate. The nurse zapped my stomach a few times, and it didn’t faze Magdalena at all.  The nurse even tried to jiggle my stomach in hopes that it would stir her a bit, but Magdalena did not respond to anything.  Magdalena had failed the non-stress test. Next the nurse took me into the ultrasound room and the tech checked for certain criteria, then the tech put her hand on my shoulder and told me she would be right back. Within a couple of minutes, one of the doctors came in, and in a calm voice told me I was going to have a baby tonight. I began to cry and asked what was wrong with her, and he calmed me down and told me that I needed to go straight to labor and delivery, to not stop anywhere and that the hospital has already been called and they were waiting for me.

The minute I arrived at labor and delivery, they walked me directly into a room, and immediately prepped me for an emergency C-section. My doctor arrived immediately, and she advised me that there will be a NICU team available in the delivery room, and if all goes well, they will just quietly slip out.  My husband barely made it to the hospital to see her birth, but he made it just in time, as Magdalena was born within minutes of us arriving at the hospital.  The entire process went so fast that I didn’t have any time to think about what was happening.  I just remember hearing her cry and thinking it was the most beautiful sound a mother could ever hear, and I cried knowing that it could have ended differently.

Magdalena’s umbilical cord was taken for testing and it was suggested that it had begun to fail on her, and she wasn’t getting what she needed. I thank God that I decided to get back on track and count her kicks. One day of not counting can mean the difference when saving your baby’s life. It is so important to count those kicks daily. I thank God for Magdalena, my little miracle baby.” -Chrissy S., Magdalena’s mom

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