• Meet Michael

Meet Michael

  • Baby Saves
  • 04.27.23

“I was thankful to learn how to count my baby boy’s kicks due to the Count the Kicks educational brochures provided by my OB office. I used the free Count the Kicks App to help me track baby’s movement, which helped me learn Michael’s normal movement pattern and prepared me to speak up if I noticed a change.

This was my first pregnancy and I was considered high risk due to some of my own health issues. For a few weeks leading up to Michael’s birth, during my regular non-stress tests I would have to stay on the monitor longer due to the baby’s heart rate remaining more stagnant or less reactive than they wanted to see. Kick counting between appointments helped me feel reassured and in tune with my son. At 35 weeks pregnant I noticed that Michael’s movements began to slow slightly and as time went on, I then also began to notice that his kicks were not as strong.

Out of concern, I reported to the hospital and by the time I arrived my baby had completely stopped moving. My medical team determined that my son was in serious distress and he  needed to be delivered immediately. Thankfully my sweet Michael Jamari was born safely and only needed to spend a short amount of time in the NICU. My doctor told me that my baby would not have survived the night if I had not come to the hospital. I am grateful my doctor educated me with Count the Kicks and listened to my concerns because both saved Michael’s life.” -Jasmine E., Michael’s mom

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