• Meet Nahla

Meet Nahla

  • Baby Saves
  • 12.19.21

“Nahla was a kicker. When she started kicking, she was kicking. And this day she wasn’t moving at all. I was drinking so much cold water to make her move, I drank so much my stomach hurt to make her move. She didn’t move at all for me, and I was like, OK I am going to get her checked out.

Her heart rate was dropping. It would go real low every time I would have a contraction and they were back to back.

My doctor thought that it would save the baby to get her out. She just felt like it was best, what she needed to do to save the baby. She said it is a good thing you came when you did. Because If you wouldn’t have, you wouldn’t have had the same outcome.

I think about it every day — just what if, what if, what if?

Definitely pay attention to Count the Kicks. Had I not, Nahla wouldn’t be here. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t feel bad or stupid, don’t worry about insurance or the emergency room bill, go check on your baby because your baby might not be here.

Just pay attention, seriously. It is your baby’s life.” -Dana M., Nahla’s mom

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