• Meet Nathaniel

Meet Nathaniel

  • Baby Saves
  • 11.13.18

I was having a completely normal pregnancy and had been counting kicks since 28 weeks as my midwife suggested. Around the 34 week mark, I noticed that my baby’s movements had slowed down and I was having half the movement I had previously been having. I told my midwife and was admitted to hospital for monitoring but was told that the baby’s heartbeat was fine so they let me go. This happened another two times over the next couple of weeks and at almost 37 weeks my labour was induced as a precaution.

My baby was born healthy and we named him Nathaniel. However, a week after his birth my blood tests came back from the lab and we discovered that his movements had slowed down because I had developed a rare liver condition called cholestasis. The scary thing about the condition is that it increases the risk of stillbirth if the pregnancy continues beyond 37 weeks. If I hadn’t been so aware of my baby’s movements, it would never have been detected and I could have lost my precious boy so I am very glad that I knew about the campaign.

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