• Meet Ruby

Meet Ruby

  • Baby Saves
  • 10.26.17

‘I started using the Count the Kicks app with my son during the third trimester and loved the ease of use and peace of mind it helped provide.  So when I was pregnant with my daughter I downloaded it again at the start of the third trimester.  When I was 33 weeks along, I noticed one day that her movements were very different.  She would usually complete 10 kicks in under 10 minutes so to have to really think and try to get her to move was disconcerting.  That afternoon I was trying to get her moving with all of the usual tricks without success.  When my husband came home from work I shared my concern and he encouraged me to call my doctor who urged us to go to L&D right away.  At the hospital they found her heartbeat right away which was a relief but we still could not get her moving.  After some monitoring they did an ultrasound and she was still not moving and doctors could see she was not doing well based on a score of different things.  Right after the ultrasound they started to prep me for an emergency c-section.  My doctor said it’s best to get her out because they aren’t sure what’s wrong but they can’t help her on the outside.  When she was delivered it was discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped tight around her neck three times.  She was born 4 lb 3 oz with nothing else wrong besides the cord, praise God!  Had I not been monitoring her movements and had a clear record of her normal. I don’t think I would have went in as soon as I did, especially not without the prompting of my husband.  Later after delivery, the doctor who reviewed the ultrasound said we saved our daughter by coming in when we did.  A day later or even hours might have been too late.  Thank you to the Count the Kicks organization for giving women tools like the app to monitor their babies and have similar outcomes.  We can’t thank you enough for helping us save our daughter! Love the Eekhoffs”

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