• Meet Ryan

Meet Ryan

  • Baby Saves
  • 10.19.16

This was my third otherwise healthy pregnancy and I felt like somewhat of an expert, not needing to read up on what i should expect while expecting. 🙂

The only new information I received from my doctor was your “Count the Kicks” brochure.  I read it one night in bed and the story on the back really resonated with me because my first son was born via c-section due to his cord being wrapped twice around his neck, ABGAR of 2 and so on.  (After a week in the NICU he came home happy and healthy).

However, I read the brochure’s Count the Kicks testimonial to my husband that night and he decided to enter a 9:30 p.m. daily reminder on my phone to count the kicks.  It was VERY nice to have the reminder, and it gave my husband and I some quiet time each night to get to know our baby.

On Jan 3, I went to my 37 week appointment, and I had just started to notice a VERY slight reduction in his movements. From everything I’d remembered reading I thought that that was very normal as he was running out of room to move.  But something that morning made me want to just mention it and just to clarify, “What kind of movements are we looking for at this point?”

My doctor said that anytime a mother notices changes in movement they like to run a nonstress test.  He was moving a little, but not enough to “pass” the test.  Next was the ultrasound.  Same results.  We decided to have him that day.

Ryan Joseph was born that afternoon with a true knot in his umbilical cord.  By God’s grace he was otherwise healthy.

I am so grateful to you and your campaign for bringing awareness to this important issue. I am so glad we received your brochure, because of which we took the time each night to get to know our unborn baby and his kicks.  It TRULY helped to save our Ryan’s life.

-Sarah, Ryan’s mom

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