• Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy

  • Baby Saves
  • 03.20.19

A few days before my due date I had a really busy day at work and went to bed that night exhausted. I woke up around 2 a.m. to go to the bathroom and realized our baby wasn’t moving which was unusual. Then when I thought back to my busy work day, I didn’t remember feeling any movement throughout the day. I woke my husband up and he told me to call the midwives. They suggested I drink some juice to see if anything happens and wait 30 more minutes. Nothing was happening so we called them back and ended up heading in to the hospital. They performed a fetal movement test which included monitoring and an ultrasound. Wendy scored 4/10 on the test and they said since it was so close to my due date they wanted to induce me. 16 hours later, Wendy was born. They found meconium when my water broke which was another red flag that Wendy was unhappy in the womb and ready to be born. Who knows what could have happened if I didn’t call and go in to get checked and induced. The thought scares me and I’m grateful!

Wendy was born in Massachusetts in 2016 so Count The Kicks was not established there but they told me to track movement. I had a friend from Iowa tell me specifically about Count the Kicks and she emphasized the importance of fetal movement. It has made me take it more seriously with subsequent pregnancies too!

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