Dawn V. Collins
  • Dawn V. Collins
  • Louisiana Ambassador

I first learned of the disproportionately high percentage of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality rates while training to become a Doula. Upon further study I learned a large part of the deaths that occurred were actually preventable. 

I wanted to be part of the solution so I started a Doula service business called Birth Matters b/c Family Matters. I am also a PAILAdvocate, and I am humbled to now be a Count the Kicks Ambassador for Louisiana!

*Did you know worldwide there are more than 2.6 million stillbirths a year?

*Did you know in the U.S. close to 24,000 babies are stillborn every year?

*Did you know Black Moms experience stillbirth at twice the rate as others?


What this looks like:

*1 in every 169 births in the US is a stillbirth and 

*1 in every 96 Black births is a stillbirth

*1 in every 199 Hispanic births is a stillbirth 

*1 in every 204 White births is a stillbirth 


The data has remained relatively the same for Louisiana. Count the Kicks is a LOW-COST, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE campaign to save babies! One baby saved is worth every effort.

Let’s save babies Louisiana, LET’S GEAUX!!!

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