Jasmine Hammonds
  • Jasmine Hammonds
  • Alabama Ambassador

Hi! My name is Jasmine Hammonds and I live in Madison, Ala., with my husband and three children. I am a healthcare worker in the Emergency Department at my local hospital, a doula, and a childbirth/breastfeeding educator in training. As I work in my community, connect with different families, and gather resources and research, I was left in shock at the birth rates in my very own backyard. Alabama leads the nation in stillbirths, and being a woman of color, reading about the health disparities in Alabama hit home as well.

Thinking about my pregnancies, the conversation to monitor my baby’s movement was not something that was explained in great depth. It was more so a question on if I felt movement or not and that was it. It was not until my most recent pregnancy in 2019 that my provider, who I had been seeing for 15 years, advised me to keep a kick count log, but it was a part of our conversation, as I had again been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

While looking for an app to download on my phone, I came across Count the Kicks and instantly just felt safe in knowing that I had something easily accessible to use and designed to help support me and my baby. The real bonus was not having to worry about remembering to have pen and paper to keep up with while being very forgetful during pregnancy.

Serving as an Ambassador for Count the Kicks will provide me the opportunity to help build confidence in self-advocacy for my clients and for all birth persons to have the tools, resources and extra support needed during the most sensitive time in pregnancy. Hopefully this is just the start, and Alabama will begin to see the rates of stillbirths decrease as the awareness and attentiveness increases.

I am excited to work with Count the Kicks to help eliminate stillbirths, racial disparities in stillbirths and to help save more babies across the state.

Feel free to contact me anytime!


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