• Jen Rowray
  • Director of Advocacy & Engagement

There are special times in life when the opportunity to witness the journey of another forever influences your own story.  For me, this privilege came through my sweet neighbor and Healthy Birth Day, Inc. co-founder, Kerry Biondi-Morlan and her husband, Luke.

On May 19, 2003, Luke and Kerry’s baby girl, Grace Biondi Morlan, was born still.  The heartache of true loss was difficult to observe and words of condolences seemed too little.  Amazingly, the path from an unimaginable loss led to the birth of new friendships amongst five moms who shared not only their pain, but a real passion to save babies.

Consequently, this passion led to the creation of Healthy Birth Day, Inc. and eventually the life-saving Count the Kicks campaign.  As the years passed by, Kerry shared with me all the organization’s wonderful accomplishments and growth.  I was both proud of how these parents paid tribute to their lost babies, and inspired to do a small part to support this worthy cause by volunteering as table captain at the Every Woman Counts luncheons.

Without a doubt, I am humbled, honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve in a larger and a more impactful way, in the shared mission to save babies.


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