Roxane McAllister
  • Roxane McAllister
  • U.S. Nurse Ambassador

My name is Roxane McAllister and I am from Des Moines, Iowa. I am currently a travel labor and delivery nurse. I have been a labor and delivery nurse for about four years now and I have encountered the deep pain and sorrow parents express when they have lost their baby due to stillbirth.

I have been a part of stillbirth deliveries that never leave my mind and continue to cause me sadness. I think of these families often and wish their outcome would have been different. I hurt with all of the families who have lost a baby to stillbirth, and I have found myself wrestling with why this happens and if anything can be done to prevent them. 

When I found out more about Count the Kicks and their research-driven initiative to help prevent stillbirths across the nation and the world through legislation, the mobile application, and online resources, I just had to get involved to be a part of empowering parents and saving babies from stillbirth.

I long to help save more babies so that families can return home from the hospital with a healthy baby and not go home with empty arms. This is why I have joined Count the Kicks as a nurse ambassador and I am excited to share Count the Kicks with the parents, staff, clinics, and communities in the locations I get to be a travel nurse.

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