Shalyte Moore
  • Shalyte Moore
  • Alaska Ambassador

Shalyte lives in Wasilla, Alaska, with her husband, son and two dogs. Professionally, she works as a restaurant manager. Personally, she strives to be the best mother, wife, daughter, and sister she can be. Shalyte enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and four-wheeling, but also maintains a passion for all things related to fashion and beauty. 

Over the course of her life, she has competed in pageants and dance. Enjoying a high degree of success in both. However, as the result of a personal tragedy, one of the main driving forces in her life centers on helping women prevent, or cope with the loss of a child.

In 2007 Shalyte suffered the inconceivable. She lost her first child to stillbirth. This loss caused strife and turmoil for Shalyte. While it took time to overcome the insurmountable pain she felt, she is now in a place to lend a helping hand to others. 

At this point in her life Shalyte is committed to being a voice and support structure for women dealing with pregnancy complications, or the loss of a child. With her work through the Tears Foundation, Shalyte strives to be a shoulder to cry on and a sounding board for families dealing with loss. And through her work with Count the Kicks she hopes to help women and families understand the importance of paying attention to their unborn children as they develop within the womb.

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