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Elevance Health Foundation Partners with Count the Kicks in 7 states

  • Kimberly Isburg
  • 03.23.23

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Elevance Health Foundation, which will allow us to expand or launch Count the Kicks in seven states! Through this partnership, we will raise awareness about Count the Kicks and the importance of fetal movement monitoring in the third trimester of pregnancy in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and Wisconsin.

About the Partnership

Through partnership with Elevance Health Foundation, maternal health providers, birthing hospitals, social service agencies, childbirth educators and other providers in Virginia and Connecticut can order FREE Count the Kicks educational materials to help them have the kick counting conversation with expectant parents. FREE materials are also available in Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County in California. These materials include posters, brochures, and app download cards in English and Spanish. 

Elevance Health Foundation and Count the Kicks will also work together to address social determinants of health through a 4-question survey for all expectant parents utilizing the free app. The questions focus on barriers to accessing resources, and connect app users who are in need of additional assistance and support to free or reduced cost resources in their local community. These resources include things like diaper banks, food banks, housing assistance, and more. 

Count the Kicks Evidence

BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology published new research that shows a more than 30% reduction in Iowa’s stillbirth rate in the first 10 years of the Count the Kicks stillbirth prevention program at a time when America’s stillbirth rate remained stagnant. The results have led researchers to call for urgent action to address the stillbirth crisis in the U.S. and to study Count the Kicks on a national level.

CDC data shows that every year in the U.S. approximately 860 women will die from childbirth complications, and 22,300 babies will be stillborn. One in every 173 pregnancies in the U.S. ends in stillbirth, and the risk is even greater for Black, Brown, Asian and Indigenous expectant parents and their pregnancies. For Black women in the U.S., 1 in every 97 pregnancies ends in stillbirth.

Through this collaboration, Elevance is hoping to improve birth outcomes and reduce the stillbirth rate in each of the seven states.  

About Elevance Health Foundation

Elevance Health Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Elevance Health, Inc. The Foundation works to advance health equity by focusing on improving the health of the socially vulnerable through partnerships and programs in our communities with an emphasis on maternal child health; substance use disorder; and food as medicine. Additionally, the Foundation also responds to disasters when our communities need us the most.

Through its key areas of focus, the Foundation strategically aligns with Elevance Health’s focus on community health and becoming a lifetime, trusted health partner that is fueled by its purpose to improve the health of humanity. The Foundation coordinates with the company’s year-round Dollars for Dollars program which provides 100% match of associates’ donations, as well as its Volunteer Time Off and Dollars for Doers community service programs.

To learn more about Elevance Health Foundation, please visit www.elevancehealth.foundation or follow @ElevanceFND on Twitter and Elevance Health Foundation on Facebook.


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