• Meet Braden

Meet Braden

  • Baby Saves
  • 06.20.23

“When my boyfriend and I found out we were having our baby, we were so excited. My pregnancy was good from the beginning and Braden was growing on track and even ahead of schedule.

As I was approaching my due date in February, my doctor reminded me at each appointment to be sure to count kicks as this was essential to be aware of my baby’s well-being. I downloaded the Count the Kicks App and used it religiously. Tracking Braden’s movement daily definitely helped me understand his normal movement pattern and also helped me notice when something was different.

At 34 weeks and 4 days gestation, I had been feeling off all day, and was having a hard time counting my baby’s movements. After debating whether I should go into the hospital to be checked, I decided to go into my labor and delivery department at the Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion, Iowa.  A NST (non-stress) test was performed and everything seemed fine at first, but about 30 minutes later Braden’s heart rate dipped. At first the medical team thought it was a fluke until his heart rate was on and off for about an hour. My care team decided it was in both our best interest to have an emergency C-section to ensure his safety. 

He spent 10 days at Blank Children’s Hospital about an hour away from home, and the doctors actually could never figure out why his heart rate was fluctuating. I am so grateful that I was informed of paying attention to movement and I am scared to think about if I wouldn’t have known or ignored the signs. We’re so blessed to have our baby boy Braden here with us.” -Kiera M., Braden’s mom

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