• Meet Emerson

Meet Emerson

  • Baby Saves
  • 12.10.19

“Our pregnancy was uneventful and fetal movement was a daily occurrence. Our little lady moved so much, I would on most days count her kicks in under three minutes. The longest it ever took to get ten kicks our whole pregnancy was 13 minutes. Then one night after work I felt like she wasn’t moving her normal rate. I had a snack, laid down, and started counting. It took 55 minutes to get 5 kicks. I started to get nervous and called the nurse on call. She said to count again in an hour. Later that night I counted again, I got 10 kicks in 37 minutes but still knew this was not her “normal.” We decided to ease our mind and go to the hospital and hear her heartbeat. Once at the hospital things took a turn, her heartbeat was strong, but not showing the reactive beats they wanted, after a 30-minute ultrasound and no movement from our little girl, the doctor scheduled a c-section. We are so thankful that we knew what was normal movements for her, and went in when things didn’t feel right. We are forever thankful for the positive outcome that came from that night.”

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