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Meet a Tennessee Baby Save

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  • 06.08.17

This is my miracle baby. A few months ago I wrote in about kick counts with an anterior placenta. Was told to ask my doctor how to perform. She said she wasn’t worried about them. But I kept tracking her movements the best I could. Thank God I did. At the beginning of April​ she started moving less and each day it seemed to be less and less. Again my doctor wasn’t greatly concerned. But I work as an ob nurse and couldn’t help but worry. So I signed into ob triage one night when I hadn’t felt her in almost a day. I was having contractions and she wasn’t tolerating them. I was only 33 weeks at that time. I was admitted and stayed for 4 days then sent home with close follow up. Went in on Friday the 14th for a visit and said I hadn’t felt her move. An NST showed her heart tracing wasn’t what they wanted. So to ultrasound I went. There she was barely reactive. I was readmitted. Much of the same on the 15th. MFM decided we needed a stress test. She failed. I had an emergency C-section that day at 35 weeks. Turns out her placenta was failing, her cord was super thin with no jelly left, and it was wrapped around her neck and body. She probably would not have made it another week. If it wasn’t for me insisting something more be done because she wasn’t moving right I may not have this beautiful baby. Thanks for the awareness y’all do!

-Thankful momma

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