• Meet Caden

Meet Caden

  • Baby Saves
  • 10.29.18

I was 33 weeks pregnant with my son Caden and I noticed a big decrease in movement. I had been counting my kicks every night starting at 28 weeks as well as paid attention to his movement throughout the day. When I noticed he wasn’t active at his typical times I became very worried. I tried drinking some cold water and eating something sweet then laid down to try and count kicks. After only counting a couple movements over the next hour I knew something was up. I contacted my doctor’s office and they had me come in for a non-stress test. Within 20 minutes of the test, the doctor was concerned and sent me to the hospital for further monitoring. After a few hours of tests and monitoring, the doctor decided it was best for me to deliver Caden that day. Once I delivered Caden the doctor told us his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and both of his legs restricting his movement. That was pretty scary. Especially having had a prior stillbirth due to a cord accident. The day after I delivered Caden the doctor who sent me to the hospital the day before (after the non-stress test) told me that she believed that I saved my babies life by coming in. I am just so grateful to Count the Kicks for sharing how important it is to monitor your babies movement and to advocate for your baby if something is off. Caden is here today because of Count the Kicks!

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