Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022

The Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022 was introduced in Congress on March 9, 2022 by Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-North Carolina), Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa), Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana).  Healthy Birth Day, Inc., the nonprofit organization that created the Count the Kicks stillbirth prevention campaign, is proud to be the primary stakeholder of this important stillbirth prevention legislation.

The House and Senate companion legislation would add stillbirth and stillbirth prevention to Title V of the Social Security Act — something that has been lacking since the introduction of Title V back in 1935. Healthy Birth Day, Inc. helped initiate the legislation after discovering the omission of stillbirth from the most important piece of maternal health legislation in our country.

We invite you to learn more and join us in supporting this important stillbirth prevention legislation. 

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Learn more and join us in supporting the Maternal and Child Health Stillbirth Prevention Act of 2022.

Raising the Volume – Ending the Silent Epidemic of Stillbirth

The United States is suffering from an ongoing silent epidemic: stillbirth. Stillbirth is the death of a baby in utero before or during delivery at 20 or more weeks. The most common cause of stillbirth includes placental issues, umbilical cord accidents, infections, and genetic or anatomic abnormalities.

Stillbirth is preventable, and with increased investment in research, such as is authorized in the Stillbirth Health Improvement and Education (SHINE) for Autumn Act we can work to ensure that another family doesn’t experience the pain of leaving the hospital without their newborn.

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