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I am Godis EyeAm, a Birth Sister based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am an advocate for your sovereign right and capabilities to birthing your way. Safe birthing begins within our own bodies. My belief and mission is a healed birth! When we heal birth, we heal families; healing families, heals communities.

With each and every birth I attend it is my goal to create a safe and sacred birthing environment. Prior to receiving my Doula training with Sista Midwife Productions under the tutelage of the beautiful Sista Nicole Deggins, I have served my community as a birth sister for 10+ years

I have had the honor of serving my community as a birth justice advocate and breastfeeding advocate for over 10 years. When I heard Louisiana Count the Kicks Ambassador Dawn V. Collins speak at a birth advocacy seminar, I knew spreading Count the Kicks was a next step for me. 

I want to support my community through education via self empowerment in any way I can. I am a team player! It is my mission of not only supporting families throughout pregnancy, but also offering preconception and fourth trimester support. 

Now I have the honor of serving as a perinatal community health worker and full-spectrum doula. I’m currently completing an apprenticeship with the healthy birth ambassador initiative of Louisiana and Sista Midwife Productions. Upon completion I will be a certified lactation consultant as well as certified childbirth educator. I will also be receiving my certification as a Birth assistant from the Pacific Birth Institute after earning and securing a full scholarship. 

It is truly my honor to serve my community in a wholly fulfilling way. Birth is the revolution! 

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