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You Can Save a Baby, Too

  • EmilyKPrice
  • 07.01.16

Every day during her third trimester, without fail, Katie counted the kicks of her unborn son.

He was an active baby that was always on the move, until one day Katie noticed that within the normal hour it took to usually get 10 kicks, she only got four.

“I immediately told my husband that there was something wrong and I needed to go in and get checked,” Katie wrote.

Just a six kick difference sounded the alarm.

Her doctor ordered an ultrasound.  Nurses found a baby in distress. Then came an emergency C-section.

When baby Liam entered the world, the cord was wrapped around his neck and doctors discovered a severe infection.

“We were so close to losing our baby boy,” Katie told us.

Liam spent 10 days in the NICU before he could go home.  But he went home. Safe in the arms of his family.

“The doctor told us that if I hadn’t been counting kicks and hadn’t been made aware of the situation, our baby probably wouldn’t be with us today. She said that she could almost guarantee that he would have been stillborn if we would have waited,” she wrote.

The grateful Iowa mom knew not to wait.

Weeks before, her doctor had handed her a colorful brochure with a Dr. Seuss-looking belly and a very valuable piece of advice: download the app, too.

And so Katie did. She downloaded the Count the Kicks app onto her smart phone and started counting her baby’s kicks, rolls and jabs. Tracking baby’s movement is vitally important, they told her, because a change in movement patterns could indicate something is wrong.

Informed doctors. Diligent mama. Miracle baby.

Beautiful, right?

There’s more.

How did that colorful brochure with the Dr. Seuss belly end up in Katie’s doctor’s office?

It landed there because Telligen Community Initiative of West Des Moines, Iowa chose to make a difference.

They chose to invest in Count the Kicks.

Here’s why.

Since the public awareness campaign (based on this research from Norway) launched in Iowa in 2009,  Iowa went from 33rd to 3rd lowest in U.S. stillbirth rankings.

The state’s stillbirth rate dropped 26 percent. Incredible, right?

Now picture this.

If the entire country’s stillbirth rate could also drop by 26 percent, we could save 6,000 babies every year.


You see, a stillbirth happens every 22 minutes in the US.

A family is ten times more likely to lose a baby to stillbirth than to SIDS.

Since early 2015, Telligen Community Initiative has made it free for every Iowa hospital, doctor’s office and clinic to have Count the Kicks brochures and posters.

An investment today. A baby saved tomorrow.

“I will forever be grateful to this organization and the app for making mothers aware of counting the kicks and the movements of their unborn children. My baby boy is truly a Count the Kicks success story,” Katie wrote.

Liam turns one in a couple weeks. And one day he will be a Grandpa.

An investment today. A family tree forever altered.

It’s just that easy.

Will you join our movement?

Will you help us get more brochures in mamas’ hands?

Will you help us put posters in hospitals and clinics across the country?

Will you tell expecting parents about Count the Kicks?

Will you make sure they download the app, now available in Spanish and for twins?

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just ask Katie.


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