• Meet Ellis and Everly

Meet Ellis and Everly

  • Baby Saves
  • 07.08.21

“I lost my son Kenton at 38 weeks due to a placental abruption. After I lost my son I started doing research about stillbirth and I stumbled upon the Count the Kicks Facebook page. I decided if I got pregnant again I’d use it. I knew Kenton had slowed down, but I allowed myself to believe that he was just running out of space. I did not know at the time I had a clotting disorder.

A year later I was pregnant with my twins. Late in the pregnancy I downloaded Count the Kicks. I went to an appointment on the day that they were born. We had a non-stress test done and they could not get one of the two to move much. They had to use a vibration device to get her to move and even when she moved it felt like she wasn’t as energetic, just barely moving. My instincts knew that something was going on. 

That night I did my kick count and could not get the babies to move much. I drank cold water, I moved around, I even tried some caffeine to try to get them to move. I decided that I was not going to sleep at all that night. I stayed up and kept trying over and over to get my kick count up. At 3 a.m. I could not take it any more and we rushed to the hospital. 

When we got there we went directly to the OB area and they took me back immediately. When they tried to locate the heart rates they could not get either one of them to read over 60. They started prepping me for immediate emergency surgery again. They flipped me to my side and for some reason I decided to lift my stomach to relieve some pressure I felt. Instantly the heart rates jumped into the 120s. When we got back to the OR they were able to keep both babies’ heart rates stable. 

When they did the Cesarean they found that baby A had the cord wrapped around her neck. Baby B had a bad infection in the amniotic sack. The placenta had fused and also was beginning to clot again (the same thing that happened with my son). If I had not used Count the Kicks and stayed up that night I would have lost my twins as well.” -Alicia N., Ellis and Everly’s mom

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