Our goal is to make kick counting a common practice for every parent in the third trimester of pregnancy. Learn more about the impact of stillbirth in your state.

  • 57

    Alaska loses 57 babies a year on average to stillbirth.

  • 5.77

    In Alaska, the stillbirth rate is 5.77 per 1,000 live births. 

  • 18

    We believe Count the Kicks can save an average of 18 babies per year in Alaska. 

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Statistics according to 5-year averages (2017-2021) from CDC Wonder.


State Partners

Count the Kicks wants to reach as many healthcare providers and expectant parents as possible, with the goal of saving 7,500 babies each year in the U.S. Count the Kicks’ educational materials are available (in English and Spanish) at low cost on our website.

Count the Kicks is a low-cost and turnkey solution to save babies in your state. By partnering with us to provide free educational materials and other resources to healthcare providers in your state, we can work together to reach as many expectant parents as possible and help to reduce the impact of stillbirth in your state.

We were proud to receive the designation of Best Practice by the Association of Maternal Child Health Programs (AMCHP) in January 2021.

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Healthcare Providers

Educating expectant parents about tracking fetal movement is a simple way to help prevent preventable stillbirths and help more babies have a healthy birth day. Count the Kicks is an easy, free, and reliable way for healthcare providers and expectant parents to monitor the well-being of a baby.


We are pleased to offer our Count the Kicks Academy for Providers is a suite of educational videos, guides, and resources to help maternal healthcare professionals implement our successful evidence-based campaign and have the kick counting conversation with expectant parents.

Expectant Parents

Expectant parents can get to know what’s normal for their baby by counting kicks every day in the third trimester. The Count the Kicks app makes it easy to record your baby’s movements and notice if something changes.

Parents can also make an impact by talking to their friends and family about Count the Kicks and educating them on the importance of tracking fetal movements.


We are pleased to offer Count the Kicks Academy for Parents. Count the Kicks Academy for parents is a suite of educational videos, guides, and resources to help expectant parents get their baby here safely.

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Use our free pregnancy app daily in the third trimester! It helps you record how long it takes your baby to get to 10 movements, tracks changes over time, and reminds you to count every day.

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Our Impact

Our goal is to make kick counting a common practice in the third trimester by reaching as many providers and expectant parents as possible.

  • 3 million+

    We have provided over 3,000,000 educational materials to healthcare providers.

  • 230K+

    Over 230,000 expectant parents have downloaded our app to track their baby’s movements.

  • 32%

    In the first 10 years of Count the Kicks in Iowa, the state’s stillbirth rate decreased nearly 32%.


“It’s very user friendly and it’s so simple to use. I have my hands full between being a full time working mom of a toddler, that I need extra help to take care and watch the baby in my womb. This app makes that happen.”

-Cinita Z.

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Through years of outreach and education, the babies we have helped still inspire us the most.

Meet our baby saves and learn how Count the Kicks helped save their lives.

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